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SEO For Voice Search: Are You Ready For The Future?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying up to date with the latest trends is essential to success. As a contractor, you know that being adaptable is key to staying ahead of the competition and that includes your marketing strategy. One of the latest digital marketing trends that is quickly starting to make waves is voice search.  This technology is altering the way customers find and choose contractors, and leveraging this can help give you a competitive edge and allow you to reach a larger audience. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of your business being voice search ready and how you can take advantage of this emerging technology.

1. Many of your competitors are not utilizing voice search, reducing competition

Standing out in the highly competitive field of contracting can be a tough challenge. However, you may be shocked to hear that many of your business rivals have yet to recognize the value of voice search, giving you an excellent chance to obtain a competitive advantage.

Voice search optimization is still an emerging field in digital marketing, and being an early adopter is incredibly beneficial. When potential customers use voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to look for services, your business is more likely to stand out. By optimizing your online presence for voice search, you can guarantee that your services are recommended while your competitors’ names on the other hand won’t be found.

2. Your business becomes more accessible for people with specific needs

Accessibility is a critical component in today’s digital world. Voice search is not only convenient but also inclusive. By making your website voice search-friendly, you can reach a larger audience, including those with impairments or specific needs.

Voice-activated technology enables people to simply surf the internet and find the services they need both quickly and efficiently. By making your website and content voice search-friendly, you show that your business is dedicated to making everything as accessible as possible for customers, which can help improve your reputation and build a loyal customer base.

3. Voice search directories such as Amazon Alexa improve search rankings

When it comes to improving your online exposure, optimizing for voice search directories can be a game changer. Major voice-activated devices, such as Amazon Alexa, keep directories of businesses and services, which play an important role in voice search results.

You may significantly enhance your search results by ensuring that your company’s information is correctly and completely included in these directories. That way, when a potential customer asks their device for recommendations, your company is more likely to appear among the top options, improving your chances of landing a new project.

4. 36% of Americans own smart speakers such as Alexa or Cortana

Voice-activated smart speakers have become common home items, with 36% of Americans owning some type of smart speaker such as Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Cortana. This broad use represents a large user base that you can tap into by tailoring your digital marketing approach to voice search.

These smart speakers are more than just fun pieces of technology; they have become essential components of people’s everyday lives. Being ready for voice search ensures that your company is in the best position possible to get new customers when people inquire about the different services you offer.

5. 62% of Americans use voice assistants

With 62% of Americans (18+) using a voice assistant on any device, they have officially become widespread. This data emphasizes the necessity of optimizing for voice search, as it strongly correlates with reaching a larger audience and turning leads into customers.

Voice assistants are useful for users who are multitasking, on the move, or just prefer the simplicity of voice requests. By making your website and content voice search-friendly, you can effortlessly integrate into prospective customers’ everyday routines, increasing the likelihood that they will use your contracting services when the need arises.

6. "Near Me" searches are extremely popular with voice search

When searching for services using voice search, people often use terms like “contractors near me”. These“near me” searches have grown in popularity with voice search, and improving your digital presence for such inquiries may greatly increase your local exposure and customer base.

When your business ranks well in “near me” searches, you become the first choice for people looking for contractors in their local area, improving your project opportunities and customer interactions.

7. Voice search pulls reviews from major directories such as Yelp, Google, etc.

In today’s digital world, having a good reputation online is crucial for gaining business. Voice search incorporates ratings and reviews from a variety of different major directories including Google, Yelp, and more. This means that your online reputation has a direct influence on whether potential customers choose your services.

You can use voice search to your advantage by managing your presence on these directories and collecting good feedback from happy customers. That way when potential customers ask for recommendations, they will not only find your business but also see the positive feedback from previous customers, which will increase their trust and confidence in choosing your services.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, optimizing for voice search is an excellent way for contractors to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. By understanding the importance of voice search and implementing strategies to improve your ranking, you can position your contracting business for success. Don’t wait; start optimizing for voice search today!

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