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Is Angi Leads Worth It For Contractors?

Let's Look At The Pros & Cons Of Angi Leads

In the competitive world of contracting, finding effective ways to generate leads is critical for business growth. With the rise of online platforms such as Angi (previously known as Angie’s List), contractors now have a new path they can take. However, the question remains: is Angi Leads worth it for your business? Let’s look at the pros and cons so you can make the right decision.


1. High Lead Volume

Large lead generations with big reputations such as Angi Leads usually push out a high volume of leads in any given area. If you’re having trouble cultivating leads in general, this might be a good “bridge” while you wait on other lead generation efforts such as SEO or Google AdWords to flourish. However, with high lead volume usually comes decreased quality. This decrease in quality can be frustrating to users at times, but if you’re willing to sift through many leads to land appointments, and your back is up against the wall, this may be a good temporary solution for your marketing efforts.

2. Consumer Trust

Building trust is essential in the contracting industry. Angi has established itself as a trustworthy platform for homeowners looking for reputable contractors. Its user-friendly layout and established reputation make it a popular resource for homeowners, fostering confidence in potential customers. Being listed on Angi may greatly increase your credibility, resulting in more leads and improved conversion rates.

As many of you may know, online reviews have a significant impact on customer decisions. Angi allows clients to submit reviews directly on your page, giving social verification of your skill and dependability. Good reviews are endorsements that may persuade future customers in your favor, enhancing your chances of landing new jobs.

3. Increased Exposure

In today’s digital world, online visibility is critical for gaining customers. Angi provides a place for contractors to display their services to a large audience actively looking for solutions. By establishing an Angi profile, you may broaden your reach and get in front of customers looking to invest in your services.

Furthermore, Angi’s powerful search feature enables homeowners to select contractors based on particular criteria such as location, services provided, and client ratings. This implies that even contractors in specialized areas may connect with potential customers who are a good match for their offerings.


1. Shared Leads

While Angi provides access to a pool of potential customers, it’s vital to note that leads aren’t exclusive. When you acquire a lead, you compete with 5-7 other contractors that provide similar services. Increased competition may make it difficult to stand out and win business, particularly in highly saturated markets. This can also be particularly frustrating to the homeowner seeking services because they are getting called by 5 people at the exact same time. In addition to this, it is difficult to brand yourself because many of the homeowners believe they have hired “Angi Leads” not XYZ company for the job.

The shared nature of leads adds an element of uncertainty, forcing contractors to find ways to differentiate themselves. This may require increased marketing efforts and more monetary investment than expected. This leaves many contractors frustrated who have gone above and beyond, just to see little to no return on investment.

2. High Costs

While Angi might be a useful lead generation tool, it all comes at a cost. To increase their exposure on the platform, contractors must be willing to pay high lead costs and still may even need to invest more. For smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets, these expenses may quickly add up and may not always justify the return on investment. It is important to keep a spreadsheet outlining lead totals, lead costs, and projected or actual revenue produced from the leads. This will help you calculate your ROI for Angi Leads. In my experience, I created a whiteboard that had the date, # of leads, total lead cost, and closed revenue from the leads that day. Then I divided the lead cost / revenue produced to get my customer acquisition cost. A reasonable customer acquisition cost should be between 12-15% when using Angi Leads. In other words, if you spend $150 on leads you should receive $1,000-1,250 in project revenue. Check out our lead calculation template below for a better visual on how you can calculate your acquisition cost effectively to determine if you’re getting a good return on your lead spend with Angi Leads.

3. Lead Quality

Additionally, lead quality can be an issue for contractors that use Angi. Not all leads generated on the platform may meet your standards, creating uncertainty about the return on investment. Contractors may get leads that are not truly interested or viable for their services, wasting time and money. In addition to these obstacles, many lead generation services use recycled leads. In other words, they buy the same lead from other lead generation websites and resell it to their own consumers. This issue in lead quality emphasizes the significance of continually assessing Angi’s effectiveness as a lead generating tool and adjusting your strategies accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Well, the question still remains…Is Angi Leads worth it? The answer is that’s up to you to decide. While Angi provides access to a large pool of potential customers, it also has its own set of issues, such as shared leads and inconsistent lead quality. However, it is also critical to know that Angi is not your only option, there are other approaches to getting unique, high-quality leads.

Our team at Toggle SEO specializes in helping contractors navigate the digital world to obtain high-quality and relevant leads. By leveraging targeted SEO strategies, we can help you attract qualified leads tailored to your specific services and local area. The best part about this is these leads aren’t shared with other contractors and come directly to you. To learn more about our lead generation services, contact us today!

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