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Three ways that PPC Ads can help contractors generate revenue.

Pay-per-click advertisements are budgeted campaigns where the advertiser pays out for every click that the ad receives. The good thing about PPC Ads is that there are quick to generate results and are entirely customizable. Components of PPC ads include location targeting, demographic targeting, budget structure, time of day targeting, so on and so forth. The performance of these ads is determined by many factors including the Quality Score, CPC bid, etc. Here are some reasons why you should consider a PPC campaign as a contractor. 

How can contractors can benefit from PPC campaigns?

Generating leads fast.

This is often one of the most compelling reasons to consider a PPC ad. If your contracting company is looking for leads quickly, then a targeted PPC campaign would be a good strategy to pursue. A team of marketing professionals, such as the team at Toggle SEO, can target specific long-tail keywords with high potential to build your PPC ads around. From this, highly motivated traffic will click the ad and visit your site. This coupled with a well designed User Experience (UX) will drive conversion and earn you more business. Additionally, once a customer has used your services (and were happy with the service), you can establish them as a recurring source of business and/or as a referral channel. 

Big results from a customizable campaign.

The great thing about PPC campaigns is that they are highly customizable. They allow the advertiser to target a very specific niche, to hone in on a chosen location, and to display the ad at specific times of the day. A well structured PPC ad will be built around highly targeted long-tail keywords that are optimized for conversion. This means that the advertisement will capture a very specific kind of consumer who are actively looking for the services that you provide. Additionally, search engines will reward advertisers with a higher ad rank and discounted cost-per-click for several conditions found in their ad (such as the Max Bid and the Quality Score).

Reduction in Acquisition Cost.

Let’s say a prospect clicks on your PPC ad and then converts into a lead. Each time that customer returns then the initial acquisition cost is cut in half. When you service a customer that was acquired from an ad (and they were satisfied with your service), then you won’t have to pay for that lead again the next time they come to do business with you. Satisfied customers will also pass your name around to their friends and family which will bring you more organic business through a referral channel. 

Can your contracting company benefit from a PPC campaign?

We think so. PPC advertisements can do wonders for your contracting business. Whether you’re a small business starting out or are looking to expand upon your existing business, PPC ads can assist you in getting the leads that you need. Our team of professionals at Toggle SEO want to assist you in achieving these results. Our mission is to make your business goals your reality. Call us today at 864-752-7247 or visit our website and get a FREE proposal. 

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