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Angi Leads Alternatives: 7 Companies Like Angie’s List

In the competitive industry of contracting, it all comes down to finding the best way to generate more leads for your business. As many of you are aware, Angie’s List has been a well-known name in the lead generation industry for years, but it might be time for your business to explore new options for business growth. In this blog, we’ll look at seven companies that are comparable to Angie’s List, explaining how they work, their similarities and differences, and if they actually offer contractors any advantages.

1. Houzz

Houzz, like Angie’s List, markets itself as a platform that connects homeowners with remodeling professionals. Contractors can create detailed profiles that highlight their work, similar to Angie’s List. However, the market is saturated with competitors, making it difficult for contractors to stand out. Just like Angie’s List, they also offer additional advertising options which come at a large expense, quickly eating into your profits without ensuring quality leads. Regardless of its potential, contractors should use Houzz with caution, given the intense competition and potential financial drawbacks. 

2. Thumbtack

Thumbtack, like Angie’s List, works on a pay-per-lead model, but they do it with a twist. The difference is, Thumbtack offers an “Instant Match” feature that automatically assigns jobs to professionals, while Angie’s List does not. Another difference between the two platforms is that Thumbtack does not give contractors the opportunity for additional advertising options, limiting options to expand visibility. Overall, both platforms still pose challenges as they are extremely competitive and don’t always offer the highest quality of leads. Contractors may find themselves spending substantial time and money without gaining anything in return.

3. Porch

Porch, unlike Angie’s List, provides contractors with a few different options for lead acquisition. Contractors can choose between buying leads individually or through an automatic monthly budgeted approach. However, similar to Angie’s List, contractors may find themselves vying for the same leads, resulting in fierce competition and potential financial loss. Although Porch’s affiliation with Lowe’s may lend them credibility, it does nothing to assure the quality of leads that contractors get. Thus, contractors should carefully assess the potential disadvantages of utilizing either of these lead generation services

4. BuildZoom

BuildZoom takes a different approach to lead generation using a performance-based system that puts pressure on contractors to beat the competition. While leads may seem relatively accessible, BuildZoom requires active participation and performance on their site in order to get any leads. This leads to uncertainty and makes it difficult for contractors to maintain a consistent workflow. Contractors should be aware of the challenges presented by platforms like BuildZoom and Angie’s List, such as the necessity for constant performance and the possibility of fluctuating lead availability.

5. Yelp

Yelp, like Angie’s List, offers a way to improve your visibility via reviews and profiles. However, unlike Angie’s List’s pay-per-lead approach, Yelp focuses exclusively on increasing exposure without providing direct lead generation services. Like Angie’s List, they also offer advertising opportunities for clients, but again this can become extremely competitive and financial draining. While Yelp is a fantastic website to help boost your visibility, it’s just not the best strategy for generating a continuous flow of leads for your business.

6. Pro Referral

Unlike Angie’s List, which allows contracts to decide which leads they would like to buy, Pro Referral utilizes an algorithm to match professionals with client requests. While this may seem beneficial, contractors may be assigned tasks that are outside of their expertise or intended scope, resulting in inefficiency and wasted time. Despite the fact that Pro Referral is backed by The Home Depot, contractors should proceed with caution while using the platform, given the possible issues created by algorithmic matching and a lack of control over lead selection.

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