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5 New Ways To Get More Google Reviews

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Overview of 5 Ways to Get More Reviews

1. Generate a Free QR Code Connected to Your Google Review Link

Generating a free QR code with your Google Review link embedded can help make sharing that really long and difficult link much easier. There are many free QR code generators; however, one that I have used for free for years is QR Code Monkey. They have always offered a completely free version and none of my codes have expires. This QR code can be used to share your Google Review link using printed fliers, t-shirts, vehicle wraps, etc. The possibilities are endless. Also, many consumers impulsively can’t resist scanning a QR code. It’s truly a really fun and efficient way to share data between you and your customers.

2. Create QR Code "Business Cards" with Your Google Review Link

QR Code “Business Cards” are an easy way to share your Google Review link with customers after completing a job or project. They’re also extremely inexpensive to order and there are lots of templates on Vistaprint that make this really easy. Typically, after a job well done, handing one of these to your client will immensely improve your chances of actually securing a review for your business. It also doubles as a business card that they can keep for the future if they need to contact you again.

3. "Phone Tap" Google Review Devices

If you have a shop, storefront, or service business that travels to customers, this is a great option to secure more Google Reviews. There are many vendors that sell stickers, stands, and even pads that you can add your Google Review link to, and with the tap of your customers phone it will pull up the web page to leave your business a review. I particularly like this method because it puts the client/customer “on the spot” and usually once they tap the device with their phone they go ahead and complete the review right then and there. It’s also really neat technology so customers are usually eager to try it out with their mobile devices.

4. Website URL Redirect -> Google Review Link

As we all know, the Google Review link is EXTREMELY long and unmemorable. To fix this, we usually help our clients set up a 301 permanent redirect link from a unique URL on their website that redirects the user to the long and annoying review link provided by Google. For example, we will go into the client’s domain settings and create a redirect from that when typed in a browser automatically sends the user to the Google Review page. As you can imagine, this makes sharing your Google Review link verbally and via text/email much easier. This is because now our client can say “Hey John, please leave us a review at” instead of “Hey Kate, please send us a review at (insert extremely long and redundant google review link here)”

5. Organize and Host a Google Review Party!

If you’re looking to ethically supercharge your Google Reviews online, you should consider hosting a review party. In this review party you will invite guests who are clients, colleagues, and others that can give you an honest review for your business. Having QR codes readily available to be passed around and phone tap devices are also a must. During this party (maybe a football watch party, dinner night, etc.) the full intent is for everyone to enjoy themselves. However, briefly, you’re going to want to motivate individuals to take 2-3 minutes out of their time to scan your QR code and leave you a Google Review. In this method, the likelihood of a 5-star review is extremely high, and most attendees will feel that it is the least that they can do since you’ve thrown and funded such an awesome occasion for everyone to enjoy.

Why Do Google Reviews Matter Anyways?

“Online reviews effect the purchase decision of 93% of consumers across all industries and niches.” – Podium Aside from influencing consumer decisions, Google Reviews are also a top 3 ranking factor for your Google Business Profile. This profile is used to connect potential customers searching for your services directly to you. Without a large collection of Google Reviews, search engines may not view you as credible and in return limit your visibility. Google reviews are also pivotal to customers looking to hire with confidence. Sometimes the difference between you getting a job or your competitor comes down to how your online reputation stacks up against theirs.

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