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10 Google Ads Tips For Home Service Leads

Are you tired of seeing your competitors succeed while you struggle to form a strong online presence? It’s time to turn the tables and take full advantage of Google Ads to propel your business forward. In this blog, we are showing home service businesses how to get more leads through the effective use of Google Ads.

1. Set Up Conversion Tracking Using Google Tag Manager & GA4

Conversion tracking is the foundation of any successful Google Ads campaign. It enables you to track the activities visitors take—like filling out forms or making phone calls—after clicking on your advertisements. To effectively track your campaign metrics, you will need to set up Google Tag Manager and GA4. Google Tag Manager is a tool that makes it simple to manage and implement tracking codes on your website. Google Analytics 4, or GA4 for short, provides you with valuable analytics that help you understand where your website visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site. By taking the time to properly set up these tools, you will be able to effectively measure the success of your ads and make informed decisions to improve your ad campaigns.

2. Start With A Click Campaign THEN Switch To Maximize Conversions

When launching a new Google Ads campaign, it is essential that you start with a click campaign. This allows you to collect important data and insights about your ads performance. Without this initial data, Google doesn’t have enough information to optimize your campaign effectively. Once you have enough data, then you can consider switching your bid strategy to maximize conversions. This strategy involves the use of machine learning which automatically modifies bids in real-time to increase conversions while staying within your predetermined budget.

3. Create A Negative Keyword List & Continue Adding To It

Negative keywords are terms that you do not want your ads to appear. It is extremely important to create a negative keyword list so that you are not wasting money by putting your ad in front of the wrong audience. These negative keywords essentially act as a filter, ensuring your ads don’t show up for irrelevant searches. By continually monitoring your search term reports and making adjustments to your list, you can ensure your ad only appears in relevant searches.

4. Convert Competitor Names As Keywords To Get Leads For Your Business

Let’s say you are a landscape contractor and “GreenThumb Landscaping” is a well-known competitor in your area that homeowners tend to search for. A way to intercept some of those searches is to add your competitor’s names (ex: “GreenThumb Landscaping”) as keywords in your Google Ads campaign to position yourself as an excellent alternative for homeowners. With the use of this tactic, you can reach a wider audience and create more business opportunities in this extremely competitive industry.

5. Optimize Your Landing Page For Conversions (Click To Text, Click To Call, Instant Form Fill, Etc.)

Your landing page is often a potential customer’s first impression. Imagine a homeowner searches for a roofer and lands on your page. If you optimize your landing page for their specific needs, there’s a higher chance that they will convert. Provide clear calls-to-actions (CTAs) that make everything simple, such as “Click to Call” or “Click to Text” buttons. Additionally, you can set up instant form fills to gather all of the information you need efficiently. By designing your page with the visitor and their needs in mind, you can turn more clicks into customers.

6. Only Use Phrase Match Keywords For Your Responsive Search Ads

Precision is key for home service professionals, such as electricians and HVAC technicians, when it comes to targeting the right audience. When setting up Responsive Search Ads, use phrase-match keywords to guarantee that your ads are shown for relevant search queries. For example, if you’re a plumber, instead of broad keywords like “pipe repair,” use terms like “emergency pipe repair charleston” or “pipe repair charleston sc” This strategy allows you to target potential customers who are looking for the specific services you provide, resulting in better-quality leads and improved conversion rates.

7. Increase "Phone Call Conversions" Bid Adjustment During Business Hours

Imagine this scenario: You’re a roofing contractor, and the majority of your inquiries come from phone calls. To make the most use of your advertising budget, try increasing your bid adjustment for “Phone Call Conversions” during business hours. This guarantees that your ads are more prominently shown to potential customers during peak hours. You can boost your return on investment and gain more leads for your home service company by effectively spending your ad money at the right time.

8. Disable Auto-Apply Recommendations From Google For EVERYTHING

Every home service business has its own unique needs that should be taken into consideration. While Google Ads makes automatic recommendations to improve your ads, blindly accepting these changes may not necessarily help or align with your goals. By keeping control over your advertising strategy and making informed decisions based on your experience, you can improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns and produce greater results for your home service business.

9. Ignore Google's Optimization Score - Don't Apply Changes Just To Increase Your Score

It’s totally normal to be frustrated when you see that your business doesn’t have a “perfect” Google Optimization Score. However, it is important to understand that a perfect score does not necessarily yield the best results. While Google’s suggestions may seem intriguing, mindlessly making adjustments to increase your score can actually lead you astray and may not align with the needs of your home service business. Instead, focus on prioritizing strategies that directly contribute to your business goals, such as generating leads or improving conversions. By focusing on real results rather than striving for a perfect score, you can guarantee that your Google Ads campaigns are truly optimized for success in the competitive home services industry.

10. Enable Call Recording & Listen To Inbound Calls To Improve Your Sales Team

As a home service business, your sales team’s effectiveness can make or break your success. A way to gain more insights into how your team interacts with customers is to enable call recording. This allows you to listen to recorded conversations to see how well your staff answers questions and addresses the needs of potential customers. This proactive approach to call monitoring provides you with invaluable information with will allow you to improve your sales team’s effectiveness, boost client satisfaction, and, ultimately, promote growth for your home service business.

Final Thoughts

By utilizing these 10 helpful tips and harnessing the power of Google Ads, you can achieve your business goals effectively. Get ready to start seeing your home service business generate more leads and leave the competition in the dust. 

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